Why Silverlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles Isn’t a Secret Anymore

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Why Silverlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles Isn’t a Secret Anymore

Have you been looking for a studio that’s an alternative to the big studios? Does it feel like the studios you’ve been looking at or working with don’t quite have exactly what you need for your best recording? At the end of the day, it’s not “the studio’s recording.” It’s your recording. You’re going to be the one whose name and reputation the recording is connected to. So, you need to go to a studio that you can trust to offer everything that you need. The solution, then, could be our recording studio in Los Angeles.

recording studio in Los Angeles

A full-service boutique recording studio in a residential setting

Often, if a studio advertises itself as “residential” in the Los Angeles area, that just means that it’s a warehouse in an industrial part of town. Alternatively, it’s some guy’s basement. Our residential recording studio is neither of those. It’s an entire studio behind a residential home. That means that it offers the quaint, quiet nature of a residential neighborhood while offering all of the safety, security, and tech of a big studio in the city.

The Equipment of the bigger commercial studios

Being in a residential setting doesn’t mean we’re a home studio.   We have the space and equipment you need for a major label-quality recording.  We had an entire nine-piece band perform here. The truth is that we’re able to fit so much equipment and people in here, yes. However, just as important (if not more), we have the right equipment, too. Here at Silverlake Recording Studios, we use the best of both vintage and modern equipment. Really, it’s about providing the best equipment for your recording.

Residential Studio, Giant Client List

Not to use one of the oldest cliches, but “you don’t have to take our word for it – look at what some of the people who’ve recorded here say.”  Our clients, NatGeo, NPR, WBUR, WNYC Radio, Simon and Schuster, The New Yorker, McMillan Books on Tape, Sky Vodka, HBO, Lifetime, trust our services for some of their most important projects.  We’ve provided recording services for some of the biggest names in news, entertainment, and more. Each of those names, as you might imagine, can choose to record essentially anywhere they want. They chose us. That said, you don’t have to be internationally famous (or a large corporation) to be able to record here.

A Recording Studio for Every Step of the Process

We may have called the location “Silverlake Recording Studios,” but we offer so much more than just studios to record in. Of course, you can choose to record what you need to hear and be on your way. That said, we also offer post-production services as well, so that we can work with you to ensure that your project sounds exactly how you want it to. To schedule a consultation, you can email us through our site or call (323) 404-5598.

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