An Inexpensive Full-Service Solution to the Big Studios

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An Inexpensive Full-Service Solution to the Big Studios

Do you want the sound quality of a big studio without the big studio price tag? Does it feel like doing everything in a big studio is more trouble than it’s worth? While a big studio can provide any number of resources, the truth is that the service might be a little, well, impersonal. You’re just one more client, of many, and there are several more who need the space. To that end, we specifically designed Silverlake Recording Studios to be an alternative to the “big studio” experience. Here, you’ll get all of the advantages of the “big studio” experience with none of the downsides.

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If Your Workload Exceeds Your Current Situation, We Can Help

Does it feel sometimes like you have so much to record and yet, you can’t quite fit it all in? Has it seemed as if between pre-production, recording, and all that comes with post-production, you really don’t have time for much else? Here is another area where the Silverlake Recording Studios can help. For lack of a better phrase, this is a true “one-stop-shop” for your recording. We can set up the studio so that everything is ready for you to record from the moment you step in. Once the recording is done, we can handle all aspects of getting you a polished final product. We see it as one more way that we can help our clients.

Uncompromised Quality

Of course, all of the pre and post-production services wouldn’t be worth it if we had anything less than the very best equipment. We take great pride in having essentially everything you’ll need to make your recording sound how you want. (And, if we don’t have it right this second, we can certainly get it by the time you record.) Our founder has been a session drummer and producer for many years, so he knows exactly how a professional recording should be run and how it should sound. Now, he can put that experience to work for you.

Hard to Find Gear and More in a Residential Location

Whether you’re recording a giant rock album, ADR, a voiceover for your ad, or anything in between, you want to be comfortable. Here at Silverlake Recording Studios, we do everything in our power to make this a safe, secure space. From the highest quality of equipment to the top-notch tea (or coffee) we provide, when you’re here, we make our recording studio yours.

Ready to Help

For more than twenty years, we’ve been bringing folks into our residential studio (yes, it’s behind a house) and they’ve been leaving with the kinds of recording that they want. From A-list musicians to A-list actors, clients from essentially all industries and walks of life have found what they need for a quality recording right here. We can now do the same for you. To schedule a session, reach out through our site or call (323) 404-5598.

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