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Home Recording Sessions vs Professional Recording Studios

If you record audio fairly often, you have probably had the need to quickly record something at home. Sometimes you might have even felt a little too ambitious and done a full recording session right there, in your closet, surrounded by all your heavy coats. If you have never recorded anything, you might even be tempted to just do everything in your bedroom. However, is that the best choice? Will you get the best quality? You might want to consider finding a professional recording studio instead. This might seem like a tough decision depending on your budget and availability. That is why our team has decided to weigh in the pros and cons of each in order to help you decide.

Pros of Recording at Home

The most obvious reason in favor of recording at home is obviously not having to pay for a studio. If you have the right equipment and some way of creating a quiet environment, you can theoretically record good quality audio from the comfort of your own home. 

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Cons of Recording at Home

The problems with recording at home are pretty evident. Your house was not designed with recording audio in mind, so it’s not going to be a soundproof space. This in and of itself can be quite a huge problem, but it can grow if you don’t even have high-quality equipment to make up for the fact. And we all know how expensive that equipment can be. That’s not to mention whether or not you are recording with other people. Inviting them to record in your own apartment can seem unprofessional, so you should consider who you are recording with before deciding to do it from your home.

Pros of a Recording Studio

When you pay for a studio, you are paying for access to a professional recording experience. This means that you get to use the proper equipment in the proper environment. You are recording your audio in a soundproof room designed to deliver optimal quality, so there is no questioning whether or not you will have a successful recording session. Just like you can get access to a gym in order to exercise with equipment too expensive for you to buy by paying a small fee, paying for a studio grants you the possibility to use high-end equipment in a custom environment. It might be hard to keep this in mind when budgeting your session, but remember that what will matter at the end of the day is the production value of whatever it is that you record.

Cons of a Recording Studio

Once again, the problem with paying for a studio is self-evident: paying for it. Using professional recording studios can potentially be quite expensive, which is why it’s often recommended to find smaller boutique studios that can give you an optimal recording experience without breaking your bank. This way you don’t have to throw away most of your budget in some overpriced facility, but you can also avoid having to pause your recording session every time a fire truck drives down your street.

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