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Leedy 28” (1936)

Leedy 28” (1942, calf-skin heads)

Ludwig Classic 22” (1967)

Ludwig Classic 22” (1969)

Tama Artstar 22” (1985)

Rogers Holiday 20” (1965)



Ludwig & Ludwig Universal 6½”x14” (1920s, nickel over brass)

Ludwig Supra Phonic 6½”x14” (2004, chrome over brass)

Tama Artstar 6½”x14” (1980s, maple)

Tama 6½”x14” (1980’s, brass)

WFL Jazz Festival 6½”x14” (1950s, mahogany/poplar)

WFL Super Classic 5½”x14” (1950s, mahogany/poplar)

Gretsch 5”x14” (1930s, nickel over brass)

Ludwig Supra Phonic 5”x14” (1960s, brass)

Ludwig Supra Phonic 5”x14” (1960s, chrome)

Rogers “Dyna Sonic” 5”x14” (1960s, chrome over brass)

Duplex 4”x14” (1910s, wood hoops and shell with calf-skin heads and gut-snares)

Leedy 4”x14” (1930s, nickel) 

Porkpie Percussion 6½”x12” (1990s, wood)



Ludwig Classic 12”,13”,16” (1967, matches Ludwig bass drum)

Rogers Holiday 12”,16” (1965, matches Rogers bass drum)

Tama Artstar 10”,12”,14” (1985, matches Tama bass drum)



Ufip Splash 9” (1990s)

Zildjian K Dark Crash 17” (1990s) x2

Zildjian K Dark Crash 18” (1990s)

Zildjian A Custom 16”

Zildjian A Custom 19”

Zildjian Splash 10” (1980s)

Zildjian K China Boy High 18” (1990s) x2



Zildjian A 14” (1960s, thin)

Zildjian A 14” (1960s, medium thin)

Zildjian New Beats 14” (1960s, medium)

Zildjian Quick Beats 14” (1980s, heavy)

“No Name” 9” Deep Cup (1910s, low boy)



Zildjian 20” (1960s, crash/ride/sizzle)

Zildjian 20” (1960s)


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