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Silverlake Recording Studio: Recording Studio With Vintage Equipment & More

Have you been looking at different recording studios and haven’t settled on one yet? Do you want a recording studio with vintage gear as well as the most advanced, cutting-edge gear as well? That’s what we offer here at Silverlake Recording Studios. Without the proper equipment, it’s very hard (if not flat out impossible) to have the quality of recording that you want. This is true whether you’re recording an album for your band, voiceover for your show, or just about anything else. At Silverlake Recording Studios, we offer customized recording solutions.

Silverlake Recording Studio

Recording Studio With Vintage Gear

You might think: “wait a second. Recording studios are basically technological marvels. With all of the high-powered computers and such, why would I want vintage gear for my recording?” Well, the truth is that many of the “vintage” pieces were made by hand. Real people really made them, in painstaking detail. So, while these pieces may not be the most “advanced,” many of them can provide a silkier, more human sound than something that was entirely designed and manufactured by machines could. We have several pieces of vintage gear that can enhance practically any recording.

Difficult to Find Pieces as Well as Reproductions (if Necessary)

The above having been said, when it comes to recording, it can be a real “best tool for the job” sort of task. To that end, sometimes, the best tool for the job is a reproduction of one piece of vintage gear or another. Silverlake Recording Studios has been around for a while now. In that time, we’ve been able to track down some truly difficult-to-find pieces of equipment, the kind of thing that you may not even be able to find in the biggest, most well-known studio.

The Best of Modern Equipment

While, to this point, this blog has touched on the vintage equipment that we offer at Silverlake Recording Studios, make no mistake: this is not a “vintage recording studio.” The opposite is true. It’s a modern, advanced, cutting-edge recording studio that also happens to have plenty of pieces of vintage equipment. Working with you, we can figure out the best setup for your particular needs. Maybe your six-piece band is best served by using vintage equipment from many years ago. Alternatively, perhaps your voiceover recording sounds best with a well-maintained Neumann 87 microphone. Drawing on our years of experience, we can help you to find exactly what you need.

Services Beyond Equipment

We believe that for a recording studio to be a recording studio, it has to have so much more than just equipment. Sure, the equipment is critically important, but it’s not all that our recording studio has to offer. For example, here at Silverlake Recording Studio, our engineer has years of experience with everything from rock bands to voiceover, ADR to jazz, and everything in between. We utilize the best of both worlds to obtain what we believe is the best sound possible. To schedule an appointment, message us through the site or call (323) 404-5598.

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