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What Our Silverlake Recording Studio Specializes In

Are you ready to record your next album and are looking for the right recording studio? Is it time to get all of the ADR for your movie but want to go somewhere you can trust? We can help at Silverlake Recording Studios. We’ve recorded everything here from books on tape to nine-piece bands, Shakespearean plays to solo artists, and everything in between. Today, we’re ready to help you make your recording exactly what you want it to be.

Silverlake Recording Studios


Built for Bands and Voiceover

The proprietor of Silverlake Recording Studios, Darren Elpant, is a rock drummer. That’s many different kinds of rock (classic rock, hard rock, soft rock, country rock, and many others) but all in all, a rock drummer. So, the studio is absolutely equipped to handle any kind of rock band. That said, it’s able to help far more than just loud bands, too. The sound booth here was specifically designed for voiceover, too. Whether you’re recording an audiobook, the last bits of dialogue you need for your movie, or anything else, this is a comfortable (and comfortably equipped) place to do so.

A Home for Well-Known Artists as Well as Local Ones

At our site, you can get a feel for many of the artists that have recorded here. In the interests of privacy, we can’t give you the names of many of them. That said, we can tell you that many famous, well-known artists, ones that you encounter their work on a day to day basis, recorded here. That said, you certainly don’t have to be in heavy rotation on the radio to get everything you need out of a recording at Silverlake Recording Studios. For years, we’ve helped local artists to achieve the kind of professional recording they deserve.

Built for Recording, Built for Sound

When people first look at our studio, they sometimes do a double-take. As you enter, you may notice that none of the walls is parallel. That’s not an accident; that’s by design. By doing so, we’re able to keep all of that “vocal flutter” out that you may encounter in a room where the walls are parallel. From making the walls thick as well as light, to the sound-conducting gold on so much of our equipment, this studio was built with only the best in recording in mind.

Silverlake Recording Studios: Help During and After Recording

If you’ve ever recorded voiceover, music, or anything else, then you know that, well, the recording itself is only half of the battle. Post-production can’t be wished away or skimped on. We also offer post-production services at Silverlake Recording Studios as well. Should you so choose, we can help you to make your recording sound exactly how you want it, from the beginning to successful completion. To see everything that we offer, head to our site. To schedule a consultation, message us through the site or call (323) 404-5598.

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