Why Our Recording Studios Uses Neumann Equipment in Los Angeles

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Why Our Recording Studios Uses Neumann Equipment in Los Angeles

For more than twenty years, we at Silverlake Recording Studios have been intent on providing the best recording environment for every single one of our clients. How do we guarantee such high-quality service? We do so by using only the best equipment available that can satisfy the strict sophisticated standards of the Los Angeles recording industry. For years, the height of sound recording equipment have been Neumann microphones, which are specifically crafted to deliver an insurmountable recording job. That is why we welcome every client into our recording studio with Neumann equipment in Los Angeles.

Neumann Equipment in Los Angeles: The Highest Sound Quality

Neumann has a long, storied history of providing its customers with the most advanced sound recording technology, always making an effort to deliver the highest sound quality possible. Their commitment goes as far as to ensure proper maintenance that upholds their very strict quality standards. Neumann microphones are not meant to be short term investments. They are supposed to last for a long time and to never deliver anything but the best-recorded sound quality. Ask just about any professional sound recorder or mixer. Neumann microphones are worth their price because of their optimal sound recording quality and their undeniable durability.

Uncompromising Precision

In order to respect the highly demanding international standards, Neumann always upholds very strict guidelines when it comes to the manufacturing of their recording equipment. Their microphones are crafted in ultra-clean environments using only the best possible handicraft. Throughout every different stage of the manufacturing process, Neumann microphones are consistently tested. In fact, they undergo over fifty different tests before assembly as a way to guarantee the most precise recording equipment for every client. The end result is a top of the line piece of sophisticated equipment that meets every single industry standard and satisfies a wide range of different international markets.

Neumann equipment in Los Angeles

An Industry Standard

It’s this undeniable quality and unparalleled precision that have made Neumann recording equipment the industry standard as far as sound, dialogue, and music production goes. You will find that experts and veterans in the field will always seek out this top-tier equipment when it comes to finding a reliable recording studio. Even freelance content producers and independent recording artists will splurge on purchasing Neumann equipment thanks to its durability and esteemed reputation. The implementation of these microphones will always guarantee a job well done at the time of recording, which has consistently made them the microphones of choice of professionals for decades. Their work is simply unparalleled.

Neumann Equipment 

But we don’t have to sell you on using Neumann equipment. As a recording professional, you already know all of this. What you need to know is where you can use it without having to splurge the money on having to get your own. Well, if you are looking for well-equipped facilities that can set you up with Neumann equipment in Los Angeles, we’ve got your back. Silverlake Recording Studios is stocked with only the best available microphones that can satisfy the needs of a demanding recording industry. Give us a call at (323) 404-5598 and we’ll arrange for your next recording session.

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