Never Forget Foley is a Key Aspect of Post Production in Los Angeles

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Never Forget Foley is a Key Aspect of Post Production in Los Angeles

Post-production is a very long process that will always be much longer than the physical production process. You will always want to find the best facilities for post production in Los Angeles, which means much more than recording studios and state of the art equipment. After all, there is foley to worry about, and that can’t just be done anywhere. Foley is one of the most important aspects of the process.

Post Production in Los Angeles: What is Foley?

Named after Jack Donovan Foley, foley refers to the reproduction of sound effects intended for all sorts of media, mostly for movies and television, to ensure good audio quality. This started when in 1927, upon the release of Warner’s The Jazz Singer, Universal Studios needed to keep up with the appearance of sound in cinema. Foley, who had previous radio experience, was put in charge of the conversion of the studio’s upcoming movie Show Boat into a sound picture. Because on-set microphones at the time were only able to properly capture dialogue, the additional sound effects needed to be recorded in an independent track. Foley and his crew then projected the edited film on a screen while recording live sound effects in a single audio track and captured a variety of sound effects, such as footsteps or doors, using a variety of different objects.

The Importance of Foley

The average viewer won’t exactly think about foley when watching a movie or a TV show. But you know what? That is exactly what makes it so important. Foley is not supposed to be flashy or noticeable. Instead, it’s supposed to blend into the background as a means to envelop the viewer into the story. Foley creates ambiance and a believable environment. They allow the audience to place themselves inside the world of the narrative and to believe in what is actually going on. You don’t notice foley until the moment it’s bad or gone and you, the viewer, start to wonder whether or not the characters live in a vacuum. They shouldn’t.

Post Production in Los Angeles

Finding Foley Facilities

As much as the idea of coconuts being clapped together in order to simulate the sound of horses galloping along by the likes of Monty Python, it is still a technique being used to this day. Yes, in the digital age, sound effects are still created by chains dragged against the floor or corn starch in a leather pouch. Finding services for post-production in Los Angeles includes looking for good foley facilities that can provide you with the physical and recording tools to get the best foley possible.

Post Production in Los Angeles

When looking to handle sound post-production in Los Angeles, you will always want to aim for the best. Sound is key when it comes to delivering an optimal experience to your audience, and you do not want to do a bad job at it. If what you are looking for is the best available equipment to record high-quality foley and do remarkable post-production work, look no further than Silverlake Recording Studios. For over twenty years, we have provided the entertainment industry with a venue to perform post-production services ad you could be next. Call us at (323) 404-5598 and let’s get started.

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