Why Record in a Voice-Over Studio in Los Angeles Instead of at Home

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Why Record in a Voice-Over Studio in Los Angeles Instead of at Home

In an age where independent production is ever rising, a lot of people, particularly YouTubers and social media influencers have opted for turning their own homes into recording facilities. This fidelity is OK for a casual vlog on YouTube but it is less than ideal for more serious projects. One look at a homemade video and you’ll find them laden with passing cars, dogs barking, noises over dialogue, hiss, and a general lack of that “clean” sound one has come to expect from a professional, well done voice over recording. Sure, you can save money by doing the voice over yourself but your project won’t have the polish of a professional recording. Anyone that takes their projects seriously will most likely need/want to re-record the voice over in a professional voice-over studio in Los Angeles thus wasting time, resources, and ultimately money.

Soundproof Environment

Soundproofing and room design are key elements in getting a voice over to sound right.  Recording studios are expressly designed for such a purpose. Unfortunately, this is not the case with your home.  So what does that entail? Your bedroom, living room, closet space, etc. is not a well-tuned soundproof environment. Home recording often has unintended background noise, from passing sirens, construction equipment, and other sound anomalies like squeaky chairs and floors. The walls, floors, and ceilings in a voice over studio are treated and reinforced so that your recording has only the sounds that you intend. The amount of time you’ll save yourself trying to fix your sound later on will be enough to make you consider this as a strong option for recording in a professional voice-over studio in Los Angeles.

Voice-Over Studio in Los Angeles

State of the Art Equipment

Building a recording studio at home is usually for the budget conscious.  This is the way most of us start out. When it’s time to take your project to the next level, it can be very expensive.  Where do you spend your money first? Tuning and soundproofing the room, buying a better microphone, better speakers, upgrading your DAW? The possibilities can be endless and costly and you still may not end up with a professional sounding recording studio. A professional voice over studio has taken all of this and more into account.  

Optimal Recording Software

A voice-over studio in Los Angeles provides you with all the necessary equipment such as high quality microphones, preamps, and monitoring but also the recording and editing software. While the licenses to use such software can often cost hundreds of dollars, these are readily available in recording studios for you to use as part of the recording process. There is no need for you yourself to pay for software that you won’t be needing on a constant basis.

Silverlake Voice Over Studio in Los Angeles

Don’t worry about how your neighbor’s dog will ruin your next take. We at Silverlake Recording Studios can help you avoid the problems that come from recording your voice over at home by providing you with high-end equipment, the most current software available, and the ideal environment for you to give your project the professional edge it deserves. Just call us at (323) 404-5598 to schedule your session or to learn more about the voice over studio in Los Angeles.

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