How to Choose the Right Microphone for Your Recording Session

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How to Choose the Right Microphone for Your Recording Session

Everyone in music production knows that not all microphones are created equal. Your friend who impulsively decided to start a podcast and bought the microphone he found on sale at Best Buy? They probably don’t know what they are doing. At Silver Lake Recording Studios, we provide our customers with a wide array of different microphones, each of which has a specific purpose. Since we don’t want them to just randomly pick pieces of equipment without knowing, here’s a quick guide on what microphones are best for when you are looking to record.

Recording Dialogue

Everyone knows that it’s obviously best to get as much dialogue on set as possible but, of course, everyone also knows that this is far from an easy task. You usually always end up having to get some additional dialogue recordings, also known as ADR (automated dialogue replacement).  If you are trying to match dialogue that was already recorded on set, it is always a good idea to record your ADR with a similar, if not the same kind of microphone used during production to ensure consistency. This typically means you will need a shotgun microphone. However, if all your dialogue is recorded in a studio, such as is the case for animated content, voiceover, or narration, the Neumann U87 microphone is industry standard.

Recording Vocals

There are a lot of microphones commonly used to record vocals, some of which are extremely expensive, meaning you will most likely only find them in established recording studios, while others are almost suspiciously affordable. You’d be surprised by how many industry giants use fairly inexpensive microphones. A classic, for example, is the Shure SM58, often considered the most popular vocal microphone in the world. This makes sense, for it’s a very dynamic mic that resists feedback and provides great sound for live performances. Even though it works just as well for studio recordings, if you are looking for a more studio-like mic then the Shure SM7B is an optimal choice. It is specifically tailored for vocals, making it the industry standard for such.

Recording Music

When it comes to recording music, you will probably find microphones that are tailored to capture specific instruments. However, a great microphone that works for most instruments, including classic band staples such as electric guitars, drums, bass, and percussion, is the Sennheiser MD421. This versatile microphone will give you optimal recordings of music from most instruments. In fact, it is so versatile that it also works very well with vocals in case you don’t have access to a more specific one. Trust us, you want to make sure your instruments are recorded by the best available microphone in order to ensure a smooth and effective mixing process.

Silver Lake Recording Studio

At the end of the day, there is no real need for you to spend ungodly amounts of money on microphones that are readily available in recording studios that will additionally provide you with the proper space to carry out any sort of recording you have in mind. We at Silver Lake Recording Studios have all the microphones mentioned in this article and more. If you are interested in booking a recording session, give us a call at (323) 404-5598.

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